this Article is deprecated. Please find the updated ASQL desription in Amadeus SQL (ASQL) development : Gastro-MIS GmbH

Dieser Artikel ist veraltet, die aktualisierten Artikel zu ASQL sind unter Amadeus SQL (ASQL) development : Gastro-MIS GmbH

  • ADDRESS <debitor-text>;

<debitor-text> ...base64 encoded, set the debitor text for the current table.


remove the debitor text from the current table. 


Get all information relevant for this monitor

  • MONITOR TABLE <table_number>;

<table_number> ... Get all information relevant for this monitor and the selected table

<document name="screen">
  <section name="status">
      <var key="organization.number">2</var>
      <var key="">Amadeus Bräu, das Code-Stüberl</var>
      <var key="organization.businessdate">22.12.2011</var>
      <var key="situation.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Restaurant</var>
      <var key="site.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Restaurant</var>
      <var key="terminal.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Terminal 1</var>
      <var key="terminal.status">open</var>
      <var key="terminal.tapster">inactive</var>
      <var key="waiter.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Chefkellner Hansjörg</var>
      <var key="team.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Team Orange</var>
      <var key="profile.number">3</var>
      <var key="">Restaurant</var>
      <var key="execution.severity">I</var>
      <var key="execution.code">23700050</var>
      <var key="execution.message">Monitor ok.</var>
  <section name="monitor.list">
      <var key="type">table</var>
      <var key="table.number">1</var>
      <var key="table.eventnumber">12.1</var>
      <var key="waiter.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Chefkellner Hansjörg</var>
      <var key="waiterteam.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Team Orange</var>
      <var key="table.debitor">Q2hyaXN0b3BoIERpY2tsYmVyZ2Vy</var>
    <dataset><var key="type">article</var>
      <var key="article.number">1</var>
      <var key="">1/2 Bier</var>
      <var key="article.eventnumber">12.1</var>
      <var key="article.price">2.1</var>
      <var key="article.count">1</var>
      <var key="article.amount">1.0</var>
      <var key="article.balance">2.1</var>
      <var key="article.signature">2e702d218ff277afba1c469a9116f34d</var>
      <var key="pricelevel.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Standard</var>
      <var key="sortorder.number">0</var>
      <var key="">Keine Sortierung</var>
      <var key="site.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Restaurant</var>
      <var key="situation.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Restaurant</var>
      <var key="financetype.number">1</var>
      <var key="">Umsatz</var>

  • MONITOR WAITER <waiter_number>;

<waiter_number> ... Get all information relevant for this monitor and the selected waiter

  • MONITOR PRINT <tableheaderid>.<eventnumber>;

<tableheaderid> ... tableheaderid
<eventnumber> ... slip number
Prints the selected table of slip

  • MONITOR NOPRINT <tableheaderid>.<eventnumber>;

<tableheaderid> ... tableheaderid
<eventnumber> ... slip number
Removes the table or slip without printing them

  • PRINT;

Get all available printing options

  • PRINT <documentnumber>;

<documentnumber> ...template number
Print a receipt using the template indicated by the template number

  • PRINT <documentnumber> TABLE <tablenumber>;

<documentnumber> ... template number
<tablenumber> ... table number
Print a receipt using the template indicated by the template number for the selected table


Get the current slip - all items ordered but not yet printed


Get all information about items on the current table


Get all information about items already printed on the current table.

  • SPLIT TABLE <tablenumber>;

  • SPLIT TABLE <tablenumber> TABLE;

  • SPLIT TABLE <tablenumber> TABLE <tablenumber2> ALL;

Transfer all items from tablenumber to tablenumber 2

  • SPLIT TABLE <tablenumber> TABLE <tablenumber2> <tabledataids>;

<tabledataids> ... tabledataids seperated by comma
Transfers all items selected by their corresponding tabledataid from tablenumber to tablenumber2

  • TABLE;

Shows all available tables for this waiter. if a table is open, the current slip is closed an send to the monitors/printers

  • TABLE <tablenumber>;

<tablenumber> ... tablenumber or name
Open table


Close current slip and open the next table. 


Get information about all tables

  • TABLEINFO <tablenumber>;

<tablenumber> ... tablenumber

Get information about the selected table